[ juhngk] [ shoh]

- noun

a person, display, exhibition, or demonstration that causes an alarming amazement or dread that results in utter confusion; dismay.  An utter lack of cohesion regarding thoughts, actions and consequences.

- verb

to cause or allow to be seen; exhibit; or display a level of serious mishaps causing hilarity, dread and/or disbelief - oftentimes all linked together in different orders.  "Seriously?!?!?!" and/or “Did that really happen?” can oftentimes be heard directly following a ‘junkshow’.

- synonyms

screw-up, mess-up, mishap, f*ck-up, cluster f*ck

The idea and DESIGNS for junkshow were started after a number of IPAs at a brewery in Helena, Montana.  So that’s what started our logo wear – a booze-fueled idea mixed with humor, a love of mountain sports, a “might as well” attitude and LOTS of junkshows for reference.

Our designs are geared toward mountain sports enthusiasts and the mishaps we all can relate to because "IT HAPPENS" - to all of us.

Please check out our STORE for junkshow logo-wear and our unique designs.

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